1. one of the main differences in JPEG and RAW is the size difference or the quality of the picture.
  2. A RAW file is bigger
  3. yes you can, you go into “choose files” button and choose a raw file and click “JPEG convert”
  4. I would shoot on JPEG because the client would want a lot of pictures and it would save me tons of money on memory card and it would be only a slight difference in quality.

Travel Poster

I want to go here because I’ve seen pictures and it looks so nice. And there is a lot of fun things to do here.

Barbara Kruger Style Image

Surrealistic Collage

I made this Collage because it people from different sports and they would never collide. And i added someone from the movie ‘Sandlot’ because its one of my favorite movies.

painting w/ light

favorite teachers

This is Mr. Lopez he teaches art. He has always been nice to me since the day i met him. And he’s really humble because he is a bangles fan and they don’t really get excited like that.

Taking a Vacation

I chose to go to Staten Island because i knew probably nobody would do this. Also it gave me an excuse to do something I’ve been wanting to do for a pretty long time. And who wouldn’t want ODB to sign there album.

Ads that caught my eye


Ray ban

There glasses

Anybody who wheres glasses

Stores or docters who sell glasses

My glasses


Studio Portraits

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