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I really like this picture a lot because if a person is scrolling and they see this picture they are going to stop scrolling and really take a deep look at this picture and capture everything,

Portrait tips

whilst capturing photographs you mainly want the focus point to be the face. In other words you need the participants face to be as sharp as possible. but you also what the back ground to be a bit softer, to give it more of a clean look. Also a huge aperture will help create a shallow intensity of field, and to catch with virtual photography.

what is white balancing

What is white balancing? White balancing in digital photography is trying to balance the pictures color to make it look more natural. according to an article adjusting white balancing should be very easy. There are seven present white balance settings car, tungsten fluorescent daytime/ sunny, cloudy flash and color camera to make the peaceful bet by means of foundation and it works in great conditions.

in the moment

Danny Clinch did an amazing job with this photo of tupac. but it is blurry. If it was just a little more sharp i think it would be nice. And if the background wasn’t dark.

And this other picture is just random. I don’t know if its a boy or a girl. I’m confused

Word Art

Depth Of Focus



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